What makes french style so distinct from italian fashion?

For centuries Paris dominated the world of fashion; however, during the 1950s, Italy has achieved their distinctive look that’s well known today. However, what makes French style so distinct from Italian fashion? Modern Italian fashion first came to international prominence after WW2 with their craftsmanship and textiles used they have slowly shaped the fashion industry. They also shipped these goods to Paris and made them what they are today. Italians natural ability to reinterpret the artisanship helped influence this “Italian style” image built over decades, with expressions like “bello” and “fare bella figura” have been used a lot in Italy. 

Fashion is fundamental in a country where “bello” is the most used adjective, and where “fare bella figura” (to make a good impression) is a must. 

Remember that you need to have an argument, which means you need to prove a point. Here are a couple of articles you can read to inspire you: 

Made in Italy: Italian Fashion from 1950 to Now | Essay | The Metropolitan Museum of Art | Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History (metmuseum.org)

 How Italian Fashion Changed The World – One Notice-Me Moment At A Time | British Vogue 

-3-5 pages
-sources vary
-at least one source in Italian 

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