Week 6 hs210 | Human Resource Management homework help

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Part I• Download the Filing Medical Records Template from Course Documents.• Review ALL 30 names listed on the template and place in correct alphabetical filing order using all 30 names.• Use the following format: LAST NAME, FIRST NAME (e.g., CLAIRE, JENNIFER).Please use this template to answer the questions below in essay format. The minimum word count for the three questions of Part 1 is 300 words total (or 100 words per question). A reference citation is required. Answer the following questions (100 words or more each question)1. Why are medical records important?2. Discuss the pros and cons for the various filing methods? Be sure to include information regarding potential time involved, staffing, and spacing 3. Discuss and explain the five basic filing steps. Include why each step(releasing, indexing, etc.) is important. Part II 1. Download the Patient Referral Form Template from Course Documents. 2. Save the document as YourFirstLastName_PatientReferralForm.pdf 3. Open YourFirstLastName_PatientReferralForm.pdf and complete this referral form based on the information provided on the top. Note that you may need to click “sign” on the form in order to be able to enter information and also to save the completed form. 4. Save and Submit YourFirstLastName_PatientReferralForm.pdf to the Dropbox. For this Assignment, you will be completing an outpatient referral form for Jessica Smith (SS# 999-88- 7777). Jessica is being referred by Dr. Hector Jones for a stat outpatient endoscopy procedure at Mercy Hospital with Dr. Robert Hughes. Jessica’s diagnosis is acute peptic ulcer for an unspecified site (ICD9- 533.0). Jessica is insured with BlueCross/BlueShield and her date of birth is 01/01/1970. Dr. Jones has requested that Jessica’s treatment notes be included with the referral form along with a copy of her insurance card. Dr. Jones has also requested that Jessica be contacted at 608-555-1212 when the referral form is ready for pick up. 

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