Scholarly article concerning some malware incident or application,


Please use the Google Scholar ( to search for a scholarly article concerning some malware incident or application, and the digital forensics solutions.

You must summarize the article and state your opinion of what occurred and what steps could had been done differently if any. Remember to cite your references using APA style. 

Please, summarize the article and answer the following questions: 

1. Do you agree with the article’s position, approaches, and authors? Why, or why not? 

2. What could had been done if anything that could improve on the incident? 

3. What should had been done?

4. Was proper procedure used in your opinion?

5. Could you include anything else concerning the article?

Paper requirement:

1. The paper must be in APA format.

2. Number of references should be at least 3. 

3. The length of the paper can be minimum of 3 and maximum of 4 pages (excluding reference page) to support your claims or views.

4. No need of cover page.

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