Public health movie critique | Management homework help

Based on the movie you choose there are specific questions to be answered.

In this discussion board assignment, you will choose one of the listed public health movies to watch (And the Band Played On, Contagion, or Miss Evers Boys), and you will answer the questions assigned to the movie you chose. You will have to rent the movie to watch since I do not have any links to a free version for any of the movies listed. I think you may find the movie, “Miss Evers Boys” on Youtube.

You will upload your answers as a post in this discussion board forum. You will also respond to 2 of your fellow classmates’ posts on your opinion of the movie you chose.

Movie: And the Band Played On

Critical Thinking Assignment

the people and polities of the AIDS outbreak

  1. Why did CDC researchers wear respirators masks when researching the Ebola outbreak in Africa?
  2. Why did they burn the bodies?
  3. Recognition of the AIDS epidemic in this country began in the late ‘70’s in SF, LA and NY.  What clues, symptoms and opportunistic diseases were observed during that period that signaled the start of a new infectious disease?  Why did researchers find these factors baffling?
  4. “Since smallpox in India” – do some research to figure out how long ago Don Francis and Dr. _____  had worked together.  What is significant about smallpox?
  5. Why was Don Francis asked to join the epidemiology team?
  6. Keep track of the death rate (% death vs. number of cases) before the development of AZT and protease inhibitors.
  7. Who is Gaten Dugas and why was he labeled as “patient 0”?”  Estimated sexual encounters per year? __________ Speculate about the factors (personality, career) that contributed to Gaten’s unique contribution to the AIDS epidemic.
  8. List some of the early names for the disease.
  9. Would you recommend this movie to a friend? What scene or part of the storyline impact you the most from this movie?

Movie: Contagion

Critical Thinking Assignment

  1. Who is patient zero?
  2. Why did her husband not get infected?
  3. What was the role of the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) in the film?
  4. What part does private industry play in fighting this epidemic?
  5. What is the name of the worldwide organization that deals with the outbreak?
  6. What role did social media play in the outbreak?
  7. What were the origins of this virus? (species origins)
  8. What were the modes of transmission of this disease?
  9. Would this virus be categorized as an emerging virus? Why?
  10. How realistic do you think this film was? Explain in a well-developed paragraph.
  11. Would you recommend this movie to a friend? What scene or part of the storyline impact you the most from this movie?

Movie: Miss Evers Boys Questions

  1. Was the study approved by an Institutional Review Board (IRB)?
  2. Was informed consent obtained from the participants? How did the Government receive consent from the participants?
  3. Was there provision for anonymity or confidentiality for the study participants?
    4. Was the study participants coerced into participating in the study, if so, how was it done?
  4. What were the benefits and the risk for participating in the study?
  5. Were the participants provided opportunity to ask questions about the study?
  6. What was the role of the nurse in the study? Explain your answer and why you believe that was the role of the nurse.
  7. Write a brief self-reflection about the movie. What did you get from the movie, and how did the movie influence your thoughts about research and what are some suggestions you would give to Miss Evers?

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