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As you have learned, a variety of factors are considered in the decision to grant probation and parole. These factors include the criminal and personal history of the offender, the results of the risk assessment instrument, the recommendations of criminal justice employees, and the existence of technology and other resources to properly monitor the offender in the community. Even though all of these factors are taken into account, many people believe that lawbreakers should be sent to prison and/or kept there, regardless of the cost. Therefore, it is important to conduct ongoing research on community supervision programs and practices to address the argument that incarceration is the only viable solution. Evidence-based research plays a larger role in criminal justice decision-making than ever before, and this includes decisions involving probation and parole.

In this Discussion, you consider the future of probation and parole and the role of research in determining which community supervision practices should continue and which should not.

Post a response that addresses the following:

  • Drawing from everything you have learned, explain whether probation and parole will be used more or less often in the future, and why.
  • Next, describe what you believe the future of community supervision should entail. For example: Should probation and parole be used more or less? Should other alternatives be considered for some offender populations? 
  • What role should research play in determining which community supervision practices are continued and which ones are eliminated? 

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