Management homework – case reading

Step 1) Read the mini-case (3 pages) “Getting an Inside Look: Given Imaging’s Camera Pill”.

     – Find the pdf file attached.

Step 2) Post ONE-SHORT-PARAGRAPH-REPLY to each question posted below:

  • What were the advantages and disadvantages of Iddan and Meron collaborating with Dr.     Swain’s team?
  • To what degree would you characterize Given’s development of the camera pill as “science-push” versus “demand-pull”?  Explain your answer. 
  • Why was Gavriel Iddan, an engineer with no medical background, able to pioneer the development of wireless endoscopy?

Step 3) post at LEAST ONE reply to another student’s comment. Do you agree with your fellow student? Can you expand on their comment?

     – Refer the attached photos (1st question, 2nd question, 3rd question). Among the 3 photos, pick one and reply to one of the posted answers.

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