Internal proposal | Business & Finance homework help

In a proposal of approximately 1,000 to 1,200 words, identify a problem at your workplace or your college campus and propose a course of action to solve it.  Begin by identifying the problem and giving a brief analysis of why it’s a problem and what negative consequences may result if it isn’t dealt with. Then describe your solution.  Finally, explain the benefits which will result from adopting your solution. Support your case with facts, figures, and/or money amounts as appropriate. You should direct the memo to the decision-maker who has the authority to act on your suggestion (this will usually be a single person, but may be a group or committee in some cases).

A few possible topics are needed training or equipment, scheduling of work hours, staffing levels, quality/availability of food service, parking problems, inconvenient commuting arrangements, and work-environment issues (temperature, lighting, cigarette smoke).  You are not limited to this list, however.

This is an internal proposal so it should be formatted as the document that is used for internal communications. Please read page 526 to page 536.

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