How technology impacts policy making and public administration

 How Technology Impacts Policy Making and Public administration

Living in the 21st century technology is used everyday to make an impact on everyone’s life. We constantly use technology to see and research everything, all our news, applications, and get messages across. We use our voices for technology and policymaking uses technology as well to relate their messages and receive feedback from what others believe in. Technology has been in our lives and so advanced where nothing is hidden or erased, everything we do stays in a cloud and can be traced back to someone. The use of technology in policy making can take a toll on our daily lives, it is where decisions are made and distributed to data collectors. We use technology to find what we should change and why. 

  1. How technology takes effect on people
  2. Media
  3. Applications used
  4. Interconnectedness (globalization)
  5. Impact policy makers have to influence people  
    1. Create/maintain public goods
    2. Informed by research community
    3. Advocates and allies influence decision
  6. Positive effects of technology  
    1. Collects data
    2. Online health records, health tracking through apps
    3. Keeps the public informed 

     This is my essay outline and it must be 10 pages double spaced not including abstract or any graphs or other information and 12 point font in times new roman 

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