Essay peer review | English homework help

Review Peer Essay (uploaded) and Respond,

 Use the questions below to evaluate the essay: 

1. Address whether the writer uses the correct MLA formatted header. 

2. Address whether provides a unique title. “Argumentative Essay” or “College Essay” are not unique. 

3. Suggest a title for the essay. 

4. Address the number of pages stating whether there are AT LEAST FOUR PAGES before the Works Cited page. Remember you will lose major points if your essay is not four pages. 

5. Address whether the writer includes a two-part thesis that provides the opposing view and a clear statement. If not, offer help on how to strengthen the thesis. 

6. Look at the first sentence or topic sentence of each paragraph. These should be opposing views or reasons the main claim/or writer’s position. If you cannot find a topic sentence, suggest at topic sentence for each paragraph. 

7. Address the number of examples or specific examples the writer uses to support each opposing view or claim. There should be AT LEAST TWO in each paragraph. 

8. Address whether each example or evidence has a citation. The parenthetical citations should be placed at the end of the sentence containing the quote. If I were quoting in this sentence, it would look “like this” (Motsinger). The period should go after the citation. There should be no period at the end of the quote. 

9. Lead-ins and punctuation: Address the writer’s paper for lead-ins and quotation marks. All quotations Should have lead-ins, such as “According to the New York Times….? If not, make a comment regarding the paragraphs where the student should add the lead ins. Make sure direct quotes are in quotation marks. 

10. Commentary explaining the evidence: Address each example or evidence have at least two sentences of ORIGINAL (not quoted) commentary. These are statements that further explain/illustrate/justify examples provided. 

11. Transitions: Address whether the writer uses transitions that signal argumentation and opposing views (on the other hand, conversely, arguably, etc…) 

12. Look at the student’s Works Cited page. Address whether the sources are alphabetized by the author’s last name. Address whether there is a hanging indent on the second line of each source. 

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