Economics 2500 words paper | Economics homework help

 In 2500 or more words, (double spaced, 12 font size), write a comprehensive essay on the following topic. 


On March 31st, 2021, the White House’s unveiled an economic proposal promising to generate $2 trillion jobs, promote infrastructure and green energy, and reshape the country’s economy. <<>>

This plan has been met a chorus of opposition, including the Republican opinion that it is a partisan wish list, some liberals challenging it as inefficient to combat climate change, and business groups rejecting its proposed tax hikes. Write an essay answering the following questions:


1. What is your take on the plan? Would you vote for it or against it? Make sure to specify which parts of the plan you agree/don’t agree with.

2. How does this plan compare or relate to the COVID-19 control plan the president announced in mid-January 2021?

<< >>

3. What are the possible unintended consequences of this plan? 

4. Given the uncertainty of the pandemic and its future, is a government economic proposal like this the best way to reshape the country’s economy, or should other social measures be implemented on state/local levels to help promote economic growth?

5. What do you make of the critiques from liberals who criticize the plan for not being aggressive enough, especially when it comes to building a green and resilient economy?

6. What do you make of the proposed tax raise to fund the proposal? What are the potential consequences of this proposal?

Read carefully the different links and answer from them!

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