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Exam II: Study Guide & Exam Schedule

Exam schedule (Oct 21st: Wed):

Exam II will be an open book and open note test.  It will be available from 12:01am to 11:59pm on Oct 21st, Wednesday on CANVAS.  

  • This test is worth 50 points (20 multiple-choice questions: 40pts; 2 essay questions: 10pts);
  • you may complete the test at any time between 12:01am and 11:59pm.  Once you begin the test, you will be expected to  submit your answers within 80 minutes.  Late submission will not be accepted;
  • you may take the test just once (It’s different from a quiz where I allow you to take a quiz up to two times!);

Study guide for Exam II (Ch7, 8, 9)

  1. Read Ch 7, 8 & 9 in your text book.
  2. Read all the lecture notes presented in power point format with study guide for relevant chapters.
  3. Watch all the lectures on videos in the modules. 
  4. Review all the previous quiz & worksheets.
  5. Practice mock exams & worksheets for relevant chapters.
  6. Solve the practice questions in the textbook.
  7. If you have any questions, email me or request a zoom meeting.

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