Discussion board 2 homi 500-b04 turabian fomat | HOMI 500 – Preparation of the Sermon | Liberty University


  Instructions for discussion boards.

In preparation for the Discussion Board Forums, you will be required to read the course’s supporting textbooks by Meyer and Spurgeon. These books are intended to supplement your grasp of the discipline of preaching. These books are located within the WORDsearch Preaching Library under the following titles:

· F.B. Meyer: Expository Preaching. Meyer gives his insights into expository preaching.

· Charles Spurgeon: An All-Around Ministry. Spurgeon gives timeless advice to young ministers on various topics regarding the pastoral ministry.

You are required to create a thread in response to the provided prompt for each forum. Each thread must be at least 400 words and demonstrate course-related knowledge.  


In Spurgeon’s text, he addresses the pastoral responsibility of contextualizing one’s ministry to address sin issues and nominalism of one’s Christian subculture. How can Spurgeon’s approach to addressing sinfulness/nominalism be applied in your preaching ministry? Find specific examples in Spurgeon’s writings and apply those to your ministry context.

Your replies must integrate your reading of Spurgeon. Find someone with a similar ministry context as you and offer a critique/encouragement of how they are addressing sinfulness/nominalism in their church ministry. 

Book Link https://app.wordsearchbible.com/

I will provide the Logon and password for book when you are assigned the work.

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