Discussion 7-9 reg 1320 | Business & Finance homework help

  Discussion Topic 1 of 2: 


1. What is Rabbinic Judaism and how is it different from what are believed to have been the traditional dimensions of the faith system embraced by the ancient Israelites? How might these evolutions have affected the understanding within the Jewish tradition of the nature and personhood of God?

 Discussion Topic 2 of 2: 


1. Based upon your review of the identified segments of the books of Matthew and Luke, identify the most interesting or curious difference you identified in these twin stories of the birth of Jesus. What is the significance of the great differences between these two stories?

 Discussion Topic 3 of 2: 


1. Based upon your reading of the excerpt of the Sura from the Qur’an provided as part of this unit, how is this story of the birth of Jesus different from those you previously read in Matthew and Luke (provide a couple of examples)? Are these differences significant? Why or why not?

These are three different discussion topics and keep them different discussion topics and please don’t combine them in one essay type. JUST ONE PARAGRAPH. 

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