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Week 3 Extra CreditEvery week, I ask that you provide a summary post in this area about specific items that you have learned in the past week. For the Week 3 Extra Credit, topics will be from information learned from Week 3 (Chapters 22-29). I will list some items, and you can pick one and comment on it. The post will count as extra credit. The Extra Credit is not mandatory to complete and will not impact your course final grade if not completed. This is the only Extra Credit offered in Advanced Biology; and all students are highly encouraged to complete it every other week.

You may not complete the Week 3 Extra Credit after Week 3 has closed. The Extra Credit is due by 11:59 p.m. ET Sunday of Week 3.

Note: Per Keiser University Policy, Extra Credit cannot be more than 2% of the course total; therefore the maximum that can be earned for each Extra Credit is 0.5 points (for a maximum of 2 points for completion of all 4 Extra Credits).

The Extra Credit can be completed in one of two ways [Writing a Summary OR Code Words from Keiser Live], but not both.  The Extra Credit is to be directly typed into the Week 1 Extra Credit Submission Area.

Option 1: Writing a Summary: In order, to be eligible for the full amount of extra credit points, it should be a well thought out full paragraph in your own words, at least 150 words. If any information is used from an outside resource it is required to be properly cited per APA requirements, with both in-text citations and a full reference citation. [Note: Directly quoted materials or the references are not included in the word count.]

Pick one of the following topics (or choose one of your own) and tell us what you learned about it this week. This should be in your own words. Please be very specific and see the directions above as well to ensure your Extra Credit submission meets all requirements.

  1. The relationship between tissues, organs and systems and their functions in animal bodies 
  2. Homeostasis
  3. The structures and functions of the human circulatory system
  4. The structures and functions of the human digestive system
  5. The structures and functions of the human respiratory system
  6. The structures and functions of the human urinary system
  7. The structures and functions of the human immune system
  8. The structures and functions of the human nervous and sensory systems
  9. The structures and functions of the human endocrine system

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