Assignment resource scheduling on wbs


Part 1 – Using the Microsoft Project files that you updated for  Assignment  5, add resources to your project using the resources sheet.   Please define all type of resources including Work, Material and  Cost.  At a minimum, complete the following fields for each human  resource:  Resource Name, Type, Initials, Max, Std. Rate, Base  (Calendar). You can  choose to use role names or birth names. For  other resource types,  complete Cost/Use. Once the resources have  been added to the project  file, assign those resources to the  tasks that you defined in the  project schedule. Multiple  resources can be assigned to the same task.  Resources should not  be assigned to summary level tasks. 

Total  Budget = $850,000, Please make sure the budget is correctly aligned with the resources. 

Important Note: For reference I attached screenshot and MS project mpp document, to access mpp file someone should have “Grant Pro Account” so please someone respond who can access my MS project document and later don’t give any reasons such as “file is not opening” or “I cannot work on this” 

Please work on file or document named “PMGT 699 WBS Resource”

Thank You    

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