Event report – events management

Assignment 1

Conduct research on an event of your choice, either online or by attending a local event. Prepare a report of approximately of 700-1000 words related to this event. Make sure to describe the three aspects of event management presented in this Module. 

 Event Objective (10 points) 

 Food and Beverage (10 points) 

 Strategic Planning (10 points) 

Assignment 2

A Fortune 500 Corporation has selected your company to create their 100th anniversary celebration. This history-making event will be held on one day, and encompass three-different activities and venues – an employee business meeting, celebration activities and a gala dinner. Prepare a report of approximately of 1000 words describing how you will plan this event. Use the following topics as guidelines: 

 Understanding objectives (10 points) 

 Selecting venues (10 points) 

 Catering for the gala dinner (10 points) 

 Ground transportation to and from events (10 points) 

 Assessment of any risks associated with the event (10 points) 

Assignment 3

Attend a local event (social or corporate). Write a brief report on the event describing details such as event type, venue, décor, invitations and food. State your impressions of the event, in terms of the following: 

 Things that were well planned and things that were not well organized (10 points) 

 Explain in detail the elements that were not planned well and describe how you would improve on them to make the event better (10 points) 

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