Practice evaluating evidence – group 6


Purpose: This discussion activity is meant to help your group put into practice the skills you learned last week about how to evaluate the evidence you are collecting. Knowing how to do this is vital not only to being able to successfully evaluate the truth (or falsity) behind your group’s myth, but also for the next group assignment: writing an annotated bibliography. Participating as a group in this discussion will allow your group to get ungraded feedback on this task before you have to do it for a grade.

Discussion Instructions: Use the same article you used in last week’s UGA. (But you don’t need to repost it.) Again, each group member will need to make their own initial post by Thursday, 3/18. In this post, you should make some sort of evaluation of the evidence this source provides. Use the resources I provided last week to do this, including the slides & video I posted as well as the assigned Ruscio (2006) chapterPreview the document to think about the quality of the source, the strength of its evidence, and/or how it relates to other information your group has collected.

The group should then reply to each other, exchanging thoughts and trying to come to some consensus on the overall quality of this particular source/evidence. Again, think of this as a way to ensure the whole group will succeed on the annotated bibliography assignment! 

I will check in on these discussion after Sunday 3/21 and provide feedback to the group as a whole on the evaluations provided, so make sure you’ve participated in the discussion by that date in order to earn credit for this activity. And be sure to check back for my feedback before writing your Annotated Bibliography.

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