Assignment 4 – business to business marketing

1.  When a company buys a high-end document processor from Xerox or Canon, it is buying a physical product with a bundle of associated services. Describe some of the services that might be associated with such a product. It could be the product associated with the business you chose to focus on. 

2.  For this product, develop a list of the elements or points of interaction that might be reflected in a customer experience map. How can buyers evaluate the quality or value of these services?

3.  Describe the specific tasks in the typical sales cycle and discuss how different channels (for example, business partners versus the Internet) can perform different tasks within a single sales transaction.

4.  A key goal in logistical management is to find the optimum balance of logistical cost and customer service that yields optimal profits. This directly can impact the marketing team’s impact on the overall organization. Explain.

5. An increasing number of manufacturers are adopting more sophisticated purchasing practices and inventory control systems. What are the strategic implications of these developments for business marketers wishing to serve these customers?

6. What are some of the most important supply chain aspects of the business you chose to focus on?

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