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Scenario:  Information Security Risk Review/ Assessment and Business Continuity

This week your team needs to look at the Risk Review/Assessment for Ben’s organization. This document provides the basis for which security risks will be addressed and in what order of priority. It also outlines a plan for business continuity in the event of a natural disaster.

Within your team, discuss the process for assessing risk within Ben’s organization. Risk can include threats to information security and business continuity. Take the top three significant risks to be mitigated by priority. In addition, discuss the following: (Answer the following to incorporate the info in the PPT)

  • List the types of natural and man-made disasters that could lead to an interruption of business services
  • Come to a consensus on a plan to ensure business recovery following a flood
  • Discuss how to implement the plan


(Use information from chapter 12 attached, to use as one of the references)


Ben’s business is located in an area that is prone to floods and power disruptions.

Leveraging your Week Three Learning Team collaborative discussion, “Information Security Risk Review/ Assessment and Business Continuity,” create a 10- to 12-slide media-rich Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation with speaker notes that explains the following:

  • The key elements to include in a plan that will help ensure that Ben will be able to continue to service his customers following a flood
  • The key items to consider when creating a contingency plan in the event the offsite data backup becomes unavailable
  • The key aspects of implementing such a plan

Note: This assignment contributes to your final project in Week Five, “Security Policy Presentation: Final Project,” in which you will compile your PowerPoint® presentation slides from each week’s individual assignment to create your final presentation. 

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