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You must write an argument in response to Klein’s book, THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING. You must agree or disagree with ONE of her major arguments. 

I have posted two examples of essays written by previous students. These essays were written directly in response to Klein’s book. 

Your final essay must meet all of these standards to pass:

 1. 1,500 words;

 2. contain a bibliography at the end, which contains at least ten sources, none of them wikipedia entries;

 3. all quotes and paraphrasing and the bibliography must be in strictly MLA format;

 4. must quote from a minimum of four different sources in addition to quoting frequently from This Changes Everything, and these quotes must be relevant and used as evidence to support your argument;

 5. must state a clear thesis—which is a conclusion of your argument in that it states your position on your issue/topic—in the introduction

 6. must use a variety of types of reasons for supporting your conclusion/thesis, including statistics, research findings, case examples, and authoritative sources; you may also use personal experience and testimony, but those cannot be your only evidence;

 7. must conclude with a prescriptive assumption—that is, a closing statement about how the world MUST be in the future.

There are two example essay. as well an example for outline .. please no copying just follow

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