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WD1 – Exercise # 2

Create the Flyer Lab 2: Creating a Flyer with Multiple Pictures that is on the page WD 54 to WD 56 or (Page 432 to 434).

Follow the steps in your book. All necessary pictures and documents can be found in the Course Documents section, under Data Files. You can find pictures related to the topic on the internet.

Add your name and current Date as a footer of the flyer. 

My Name: Nayancy Rodriguez.

Date: current date

Save as 2-WD1-B-YourName

Word M1 Lab2-A.jpg

Add your name in the footer section

Submit these file when done

Be sure to save your assignment in a .docx format, especially if you are using an Apple or MAC computer.

Note: You need to submit the File:

  • Lab 2: Creating a Flyer with Multiple Pictures as 2-WD1-EX2-YourName


Remember that all the Word documents that you create should be in a file with the Creation Date of this week, or after if you submit late, but not a previous date. Files Assignments with the previous date will not be accepted.

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