Security issue with conclusion for project idea in foundations of

Subject: BIT557 Foundations of Information Assurance and Security

Output: Security issues with conclusion (3 page) and references (3 minimum)

Project Summary: Data Safety Service.

Project Idea:

The financial solutions company is a competitive business that offers consultation services to SMEs (small-medium sized enterprises). The aim is to support businesses to expand their operations with exceptional data safety on-premise, cloud and any third-party interaction. The agency applies a wide range of hardware and software protection measures to ensure that its data is always safe. These measures have been put in place to ensure the security of the assets that are owned by the business and confidential information from access by unauthorized persons. The company adheres to well-established security policies that promote security in organizations. It uses a backup system that ensures that the company’s data is secure at all times. The website is protected using firewalls to hinder unauthorized information access. An antivirus program is applied to ensure that the website and computer systems are stable. These mechanisms will be part of InfoSec plan. The business invests heavily in protection measures to promote data security. The focus is to enhance the security of client’s information. The information is protected from unauthorized individuals such as hackers. The management has taken a leadership role in the implementation of security approaches. The mechanisms used have been found to be successful in the field.

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