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Objective: You will learn to compare characters, themes, and symbols in multiple literary works.


Please read the module on writing a comparison/contrast essay.

Revise your Sample Paragraph(s) from your Essay Three: Comparison assignment based on my feedback and any comments from student Peer Review on the Discussion Board. 

The Essay Three assignment is a literary analysis just like your other essays, so you will start with a hook, plot summary on the novels you will compare, and a thesis contrasting/comparing both subjects followed by support paragraphs that make opinions linked to your thesis and contain MLA format quotes with in-depth analysis.

The difference between your other  literary analysis essays and this one is that you will be comparing and contrasting two subjects in this assignment whereas in the first you were focused only on one book. This essay is 5-6 pages whereas your first two were 4-5.  You will compare the book Hillbilly Elegy to either The Complete Persepolis or Between the World and Me.

For the essay as a whole you will choose from two different organizational structures:

The first type is point by point organizational structure for your essay as a whole, or you might choose the second type, a subject by subject pattern. As described in detail in the module, in a compare and contrast essay these are the two organizational strategies you can use to structure your paper as a whole. In subject by subject, you dedicate half the paper discussing one subject and the other half discussing the other subject while in the final two or more paragraphs bringing the two subjects together to highlight differences and similarities OR in point by point, you will choose various points to compare and contrast your two subjects, so each paragraph will discuss how these various points relate to each subject.

Here are some rough ideas, but there are thousands more for sure:

Characters and Relationships

J.D. Vance -Ta-Nehisi Coates

J.D. Vance-Marjane Satrapi

childhood/parenthood in Hillbilly Elegy- The Complete Persepolis or Between the World and me 

JD Vance’s family relationships-Marjane Satrapi’s family relationships

JD Vance’s family relationships-Ta-Nehisi Coates’s family relationships

Father figures  in Father figures  in Hillbilly Elegy- The Complete Persepolis or Between the World and me 

Mother figures in  Hillbilly Elegy- The Complete Persepolis or Between the World and me 


Community, Violence, Motherhood, Gender roles, Poverty, Escape, Power, Loss, Redemption, Voice, Silence, Connection, Memory, Home, Humanity, Isolation, Survival, Love, Education, Identity, Authenticity, Struggle

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