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1. You are a loss prevention supervisor, and two company employees report to you that a loss prevention officer is intoxicated while on duty. You approach the offi- cer, engage in conversation, and smell alcohol on his breath. What do you do? An added factor is that this particular officer has a brother on the local police depart- ment who has provided valuable aid during past loss prevention investigations. Furthermore, the officer has had a good work record while employed by the com- pany for 5 years. What do you do? 

2. Allen Dart has worked for the Music Manufacturing Company for 14 years. He has always done above-average work and was recently promoted to production super- visor. One afternoon when Allen was leaving the facility, he dropped company tools from under his coat in front of a loss prevention officer. Allen was immedi- ately approached by the officer, who asked Allen to step inside to the loss preven- tion office. Next, Allen broke down and began crying. Before anybody could say a word, Allen stated that he was very sorry and that he would not do it again. Later, the loss prevention and human resources managers met to discuss the incident. An argument developed because the loss prevention manager wanted to seek pros- ecution, whereas the human resources manager did not. As a vice president in this company, and applying the policy you favor in Case Problem 5H, what is your de- cision to resolve the situation? 

3. You are seeking a position as a security officer at a research and development com- pany. Officers at this site wear blazers and focus on access controls and protecting people and information. The job pays well, with opportunities for advancement, so you strive to do your best at each stage of the applicant screening process. You now must complete an assessment center “in-basket” exercise while thinking as a security officer. You are to prioritize the following items, with justification for each, upon reaching the scene of an assault in a parking lot. 

·  A witness to the assault approaches you to offer information. 

·  Someone who is scaling the perimeter fence is screaming for help because of 

being stuck in the razor ribbon. 

·  An employee approaches you for help because he locked his keys in his car. 

·  You receive a radio transmission from your supervisor who wants to meet with 

you immediately. 

·  The victim is down and bleeding. 

·  You must complete an incident report for this case. 

·  A car alarm has been activated. 

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