Mgmt 630 9043 organizational theory and behavior

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MGMT  630 9043 Organizational Theory and Behavior (2178)

Mid-semester Assignment – (20%) The assignment should focus on the following:

Complete the Leadership questionnaires or exercises located in Course Resources – Leadership Questionnaires. There are fifteen questionnaires in the zip file.   You are welcome to complete all fifteen but for this paper you must complete the following five.#2. Trait#5. Situational#6. Path –Goal#9. Authentic#14. TeamScore and/or interpret the results of each assessment.  Do not give me the score.  I want the interpretation. What do the results actually mean? This assignment is a personal assessment of the student’s own leader behavior at this point in her/his career. .Start the paper with an . This introduction should give the reader a complete picture of your experience in the workplace. This should take about 1/2 page.Each of the five assessments should be discussed in about 1/2 page of text.Justify your assessment using examples from your own experiences.  In other words, describe your behavior in the workplace that either supports the results of the assessment or refutes it.Discuss how accurate the assessment is in describing your leader behavior and or follower behavior in the workplace.You must provide examples of your behavior that support your analysis.Do not include the questionnaire—just the results, what they mean and how they apply to you.Once you have considered the results of the assessment – discuss how you currently function in the workplace.Do you have a clear style and approach to your job and the demands of your workplace?Do you provide the best leadership when required to lead?What aspects of your current behavior, skill and knowledge need to be improved?How do you intend to become a more fully functioning effective employee and leader?What insights have you gleaned from these few questionnaire and how will they impact your performance in the future?Complete the paper with a addressing your overall style and behavior in the workplaceThen add for self-improvement. (bullets would be appropriate here)You must  via class readings, exercises, and discussions.The application of the steps identified in Bloom’s Taxonomy  (see Week Seven) of application, analysis, synthesis and evaluation should be considered in writing the paper. This represents higher level cognitive function which is expected for graduate work. Use sources (at least two) to clearly support your information. Please adhere to APA style. The entire paper should be approximately 4-5 pages. The paper will count for 20% of the final grade.

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