Who belongs in the “culture club”

Complete the readings and videos assigned to this learning objective – (Identify personal and scholarly criteria for deciding which species are cultural, and to apply them to particular cases.) These are designed to expose you to different perspectives on which species are cultural — who belongs in the “culture club”?  Perhaps your response to this question has changed while engaging with these materials…

*work will be turned into turnitin.com* 

When finished answer the following questions — be sure to label them with the same numbers:

  1. In their article “Do Animals Have Culture?”, the scholars Laland and Hoppitt argue that there are two criteria that must be met if a species is truly cultural.  What are these two criteria? [Hint: you will find the word “criterion” where these are discussed and they are repeated in the “working definition” they give for culture.]
  2. According to Laland and Hoppitt, which non-human species also belong to the “culture club” and why? [Recall “Why?” means to substantiate your answer!]
  3. You heard/read about whooping cranes. Using the Laland and Hoppitt criteria you identified previously and the information in this video, should whooping cranes be admitted into the “culture club”?  Why or why not? Make sure that your response references specific information in the cranes’ example!

Evaluation Criteria:  completion, accuracy and substantiation.


(audio) https://www.npr.org/2013/08/30/216533688/wise-old-whooping-cranes-keep-captive-bred-fledglings-on-track

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