N this section you need to answer the following questions in relation


ITC571 – Emerging Technologies and Innovation
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Length: approx. 200 words
In this section you need to answer the following questions in relation to your project(no citations).
1. Introduction (background, gap analysis and importance)
2. Methodology (method and data collection)
3. What will be the impact of what you plan to do?
Length: 250 – 350 words (You need to use enough citations to support your statements)
• Give the background information about the research topic.
• Discuss the domain’s scope of your research topic.
• Briefly mention its current/existing approaches to the research topic.
• What are the key areas that your research is limited to?
• What do you intend to cover in your final project output?
• Clearly define your innovation.
Gap Analysis and Importance
Length: 150 – 250 words(You need to use enough citations to support your analysis)
• Identify the need for the research by analysis of the literature:
o What are the existing shortcomings in solving this problem?
o Why do you need to solve it?
• How is thisgap important to be solved/answered?
• What is the importance of what you plan to do?
Literature Review
Length: 300 – 400 words(You need to use enough citations to support your statements)
Think of this as an extended introduction. Using the literature briefly explain the following:
• What is the problem domain? Briefly describe the area, including some key concepts and terms.
• What is the current research in this area? Explain just a few key directions of the research.
• What are some of the current issues or gaps?
• What are the key technologies driving your topic?
Research Questions
Length: 100 – 300 words
What are the major research questions that your project will address? Please list 3 – 6 questions.
They should be consequent to the research topic and as specific as the topic. It is recommended to avoid very general questions about the topic technology, technique, or domain.
This section relates to how you will conduct your project. What you will do in the next 6-8 weeks.
Research Methods
Length: 100 – 150 words
• What resources will be used to answer your research questions and to support your conclusions?
• How will you confirm the credibility of your resources?
• How will the resources be used to create your research output?
Data Collection Methods
Length: 150 – 250 words
• How will data(article) for your project be found and collected?
• How you will use the specific tools to find and collect the data (articles)?
Ethical Issues
What are the ethical issues involved in you doing this project, not the ethics relating to the topic?
Length: 150 – 250 words
1. Low risk – do no harm
2. Informed consent from participants
3. Data collection and secure storage
4. Confidentiality of data and data analysis
5. Compliance with regulations and standards
6. Personal Ethics
7. What will be the benefit to society by evaluating potential positive and negative impacts?

Project plan
Include a table of deliverables, it should contain your assessment and weekly documents, including the due dates.
Deliverable Project Milestone Expected Date
Project Proposal + Plan Planning Completed 26/11/2018
… … …  https://myhomeworksolution.info/itc571-emerging-technologies-and-innovation/
Gantt Chart
Using a project management tool, create a Gantt chart.
Project Management Tools
Microsoft Project
GanttProject (http://www.ganttproject.biz/)
OpenProject (https://www.openproject.org/about)
ProjectLibre (http://www.projectlibre.org/
• Make sure your deliverables are clearly marked on the Gantt chart at themilestones.
• Make sure all activities are explained in detail with the proper timing and order.
Add the Gantt chart here showing the details.
Figure 2: Example Gantt chart using ProjectLibre.
Risk Management
Table 1: Risk Register
Risk Impact of the Risk Likelihood of the risk Risk Evaluation Mitigation Plan Contingency Plan
Describe the risk properly Estimate if the risk happens what will be the degree of impact on the project. Estimate with a degree level between 1 to 5 from lowest to highest impacts. Estimate how possible is for the risk to happen during the project. Estimate with a degree level between 1 to 5 from lowest to highest impacts. Calculate the risk level by multiplying the impact by likelihood. You need to use the risk matrix to rank the risk between 1 to 25 from the lowest to highest levels of the risk. Explain your plan to avoid the risk to happen. Explain your plan when the risk is happened how you would decrease the impact and continue the project properly.
Explain the major risks that could occur during your project, and how you will minimise and monitor them. What will be done should they occur.

• List the resources in APA 7 style
o Do not forget alphabetical order
o Do not forget the naming style
o Any resource should have a publication year
o Do not forget to manage articles with similar last name of the first author
o Check for any wrong duplicated resources in the list
o Check all references in the list are cited in the text and vice versa
o Check the in-text citations to be in proper format and proper place
• It is recommended to use reference management software
• Check the list before submission. A common problem is incorrect or incomplete bibliographical data.

Appendix A
Start each of your appendices on separate pages; number them with capital letters A, B, C …
Editorial Notes:
• Make sure there are no orphaned headers (headings by themselves at the bottom of the page).
• Make sure all pictures have captions under them (See Figure 1).
• Ensure pictures are referred to in the text.
• Ensure all images sources from elsewhere are properly referenced.
• Ensure you use APA 7 referencing style.
• Ensure all work is written in your own words and all ideas are referenced back to the original author.
• Ensure all Tables have captions (see Table 1) and ensure they are referred to in your text.
Pointers for Success
• In your literature review do not get hung up on the details, you will have time later to cover that in your project output. Cover enough to highlight the problem and the knowledge gap and to show the trend of the research in the area.
• Take time to create a proper Gantt chart. These will act as tools to help you through the project. Spending sufficient time planning now will make the rest of the project easier to handle.

• Make sure you have a realistic timeline. Configure your project tool to reflect the number of hours you intend to work each week on the project. Mention your proposed working time in your plan.
• Clearly define your tasks, do not use umbrella terms. Integrate your research questions into your tasks. The goal is to have it clearly defined so you do not need to think about what to do later. Detail in the Gantt is extremely important.

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