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WD2 – Exercise # 1

 Follow along with the tutorial on how to properly format a research paper. Follow the steps, this is important.
Chapter Exercise “Safety Using Headphones and Earbuds”

Safety Using Headpnones

NOTE: Enter in the Header your personal information not the information of the exercise
(my Name: Nayancy Rodriguez)

Save as 2-WD2-EX-A-YourName
The document  “2-Steps to create the Research Paper – Exercise 1″ is a guide to create the Research Paper in exercise 1.

Be sure to save your assignment in a .docx format, especially if you are using an Apple or MAC computer.

Note: You need to submit the File:
Chapter Exercise “Safety Using Headphones and Earbuds”     as 2-WD2-EX-A-YourName

The document “1- MLA Documentation Style” shows all the features of the MLA Style Research Paper.

1-MLA Documentation Style.pdfThe document “2-Steps to create the Research Paper Exercise 1.pdf” shows the steps to do a Research Paper in exercise 1

2-Steps to create the Research Paper Exercise 1.pdf

Remember that all the Word documents that you create should be in a file with the Creation Date of this week, or after if you submit late, but not a previous date. Files Assignments with the previous date will not be accepted

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