Syllogism and types of reasoning

 Select one “bumper sticker” enthymemes and supply the full syllogism. (pumper stickers are listed below)

-If you love your pet, don’t eat meat.

-war is terrorism,

-Real men don’t ask for directions.

-Immigration is the sincerest form of flattery.

-I eat local because I can.

-Don’t blame me; I voted for the other guy.

-I real banned books.

-Love is the only solution.

-It’s a child, not a choice.

-Think, it’s patriotic.

2. Decide which of the following is based on inductive reasoning and which is based on deductive reasoning. After designating the correct type of reasoning, explain why you came to your conclusion:

a. No book in English begins numbering its pages on a left-hand page. This is a book in English, therefore it will begin its numbering on a right-hand page. What kind of reasoning is used here? Explain your answer.

b. I heard lots of barking last night. The neighbor’s dog must’ve been pretty upset about something, since he rarely barks. What kind of reasoning is used here? Explain your answer.

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