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Disease: Opioid Addiction


1. PowerPoints must include a minimum of 3 online photographs, 6-10 slides (not including reference slide). Photos must be legible, and sources cited. Include a separate reference list.

2. Students are to conduct an internet search to locate information on this topic. Use reliable sources as an APA formatted bibliography is expected and will be verified. A link is provided in that ‘Projects’ module for help with APA citations.

3.Students are to provide relevant information on their topic using a bullet format (for the PowerPoint presentation).

Considerations that must be included:

Description of the condition

Types of medications typical for condition

Common brand names of medications

How the medications are taken and customary dosages

Adverse drug side effects

Signs and symptoms of condition

Oral signs and symptoms of condition

ASA classification

Preventive strategies for seeing patients with condition in the dental office

Treatment of condition in a medical emergency

4.Keep it short and concise, and tell us the most important information educated Dental Assistants should know. 

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