Sociological imagination pre-writing map | Sociology homework help


Required Resources
Read/review the following resources for this activity:

· Textbook: Chapter 1

· Minimum of 3 outside scholarly sources in addition to the textbook/lesson

● First, closely read the Week 2 Sociological Imagination Essay assignment description in the Week 2 weekly materials to understand the paper you will be writing and submitting next week. Then, return here to begin your work for the Week 2 essay by completing and submitting your Pre-Writing Map.

● *Please note that this Week 1 Pre-Writing Map is to prepare you for the Week 2 Assignment. Use the feedback you receive on this Pre-Writing Map to write your full paper in Week 2.

● Download the attached Pre-Writing Map Worksheet, fill it out, save the file with your name, and upload your completed pre-writing map worksheet here.

Writing Requirements (APA format)

Length: Fill out all cells of the Pre-Writing Map worksheet

References, with full reference entries in APA Style (minimum of 3 outside scholarly sources in addition to the textbook/lesson)

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