Excel task only experts urgent , have 2 hrs to complete this


To Do:

  • Visual Benchmark 1, 2
  • Performance Assessment 1 (The file RSRHelpDesk.xlsx is in the folder EL2U1)

CMR 282 Module 5 textbook assignmentsPreview the document

Submit the following files:

(1) 2-BillableHrsOct4to8.xlsx
(2) 2-WPMCCardioCosts.xlsx
(3) U1-RSRHelpDesk.xlsx
(4) Add a chart to one of the worksheet

Pick one of the homework assignments and add a chart to it. Be sure that the chart fits the kind of data being reported. Be sure your chart is complete with a title, a legend, and axis labels. 

 required excel files are attached in zip folder 

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