Alphabet inc. reorganizing google case study

Please read Case 1 from the section on the case studies “Alphabet Inc.: Reorganizing Google” from your textbook and provide a minimum of eight (8) APA formatted papers (and at least six (6) peer-reviewed resources) Please make sure that your writing should be analytical and includes the followings:

●  The effect of the event that happened in 2015 on Google’s stock prices; please explain this by preparing a table that shows historical data.

o  Was this move due to Google’s stagnant share price and an attempt to pacify investors?

●  Analyze the effect of Google’s decision to restructure itself under a new holding after 2015. 

●  Evaluate whether the expansion of Google Inc. into non-core businesses, including self-driving cars, life sciences research, high-speed Internet access, and investment divisions was a good move for Google.  Please provide historical data to prove your points. 

●  Describe how the restructuring has made the company’s competitiveness stronger in the market and increased profitability and company valuation?

●  Finally, if you conclude that this move was beneficial for Google, explain the economic ground for this profitability:

○  Diversification, 

○  Higher market share, 

○  Economies of scale, or

○  Something else

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