Need this assignment done asap!

Article Assignment (1 page minimum/ 2 page maximum)The Article Assignment should be written in:

  • Times New Roman Font
  • 12 point size
  • Double spaced

Heading should be placed on top right hand corner including:

  • Name
  • Due Date 
  • Course ID (MNA1345)
  • Course Title (Effective Supervision)
  • Reference Number 
  • Title (Article Assignment)

Points will be taken off for incorrect spelling and grammar. Also, include terms from the book and terms discussed in class.S elect an article or journal entry from a worthy source. Sources may include newspapers, magazines, journal database, etc). The article subject must focus on a major issue that a company supervisor is facing with their employees. Write a one page response to the article.Your response must include the following:

  • A brief summary of the issue
  • Describe what the leader did or plan to do to resolve the situation
  • Do you agree with the leader’s plan of action? If not, explain what you would do differently.
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