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Prompt:  Choose one of the options below:

A.  You are a wealthy person and can afford to buy the brain  building foods that kids need for physical and mental growth.  Paragraph  1 – Make a menu for a day including breakfast, lunch, dinner, and  snacks.  Paragraph 2 – Explain how your meal for the day is beneficial.

B.  You are a parent who is living paycheck to paycheck.  You must  buy what you can afford.  Paragraph 1 – Make a menu for a day that  includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks.  Paragraph 2 – Explain  how you think your daily menu will affect your child.

Reply Prompt:  In your replies, share stories of people you may know that represent the people in A or B.  What are your personal feelings on this subject and what can be done?  Include support  from the class textbook, the Bible, and/or scholarly resources.

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