Business ethics – corporate social responsibility discussion (urgent

This is a short assignment but it is DUE TOMORROW (03/20/21) before 2 PM EST. If you cannot meet this deadline, please do not accept this assignment.

Please see the discussion question below and the course materials attached. It must be 1 1/2 – 2 pages in length and include APA in-text citations + a reference page. YOU MUST USE THE ATTACHED COURSE RESOURCE!

 CSR Discussion Assignment:

One of the most contentious debates among scholars has centered on the proper role for a corporation in the pursuit of its business. In large measure, the debate has crystallized around two points of view. On the one hand, some believe that a corporation’s chief responsibility role is to make and maximize profit. This belief has often been referred to as the Friedman Approach in homage to the economist, Milton Friedman. Friedman espoused the view that as long as a corporation stayed within the rules, its only responsibility was to return the maximum profit to its shareholders. On the other hand, other scholars have asserted that the social responsibility for a corporation extends beyond just making a profit and includes a responsibility to act in a manner that promotes and supports the welfare of society at large.

Explain the “Shareholder vs. Stakeholder” debate and identify five examples supporting the debate in terms of corporate governance. Explain the significance of each side of the debate.

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