1. __________ increased industrial efficiency. (points : 1)

1. __________ increased industrial efficiency. (Points : 1)
Better educated laborers
Technical schools
Scientific management theory

2. Early factories used __________ as a power source. (Points : 1)

3. Employers wanted to hire the cheapest labor possible because (Points : 1)
most jobs required expensive training.
most jobs were unskilled.
most jobs were done in horrible conditions.
it cost a lot to bring workers to America.

4. Children were not allowed to work in steel mills. (Points : 1)

5. Technological advancements improved (Points : 1)
labor conditions.
both a and b

6. Alexander Graham Bell developed the telephone after (Points : 1)
inventing a hearing aid.
developing electrical technology.
working with hearing impaired people.
none of the above

7. When share holders reinvest profits into a company, the company (Points : 1)
uses the money to grow.
researches and develops more products.
pays higher wages.
both a and b

8. Before the Industrial Revolution, most businesses (Points : 1)
were small with one owner.
had no employees.
needed a lot of capital.
needed many unskilled laborers.

9. _________ developed a method to mass-produce steel in America. (Points : 1)
William Kelly
Henry Bessemer
Frederick Taylor
Lewis Latimer

10. Because of whose improvement in light bulb filaments did light bulbs last longer? (Points : 1)
Thomas Alva Edison
Lewis Latimer
Alexander Graham Bell
Orville Wight

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