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As the world continually “shrinks” due to advancing technology, a global economy and increasing blend of cultures is an inevitability. The need to take advantage of that larger market, while at the same time protecting one’s own is goal of every country involved. Tariffs are one of the primary tools used to regulate and control such goals; they can disrupt economies, give others an advantage, cause/relieve diplomatic tensions, and serve political agendas. Since tariffs can affect so many variables outside of the trade market they are intended for, their importance (or lack thereof) is worth a detailed discussion. Ultimately tariffs restrict free trade, but are they helpful since not all countries are equal in their trading power?

Free Trade Zones – Should localized areas (such as seaports, airports, or borders) be free of tariff laws and regulations?
!!!!!!. (Pro) – Argue that these special zones serve a useful purpose. Does their existence offer companies/countries haven from political/military/economic burdens, thereby allowing the market to grow naturally?  !!!!!!
–  (Con) – Argue that these zones can be exploited and should be regulated. Do these areas create loopholes that promote criminal activity, or syphon activity from other regions in an unbalanced way?

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