Anthropology comparing human origin accounts

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Before posting, be sure to have read the 4 different origin stories provided in Module 2.  They reflect four different peoples’ explanations for the origin of the world and for humans in the world.

To meet the standard for discussion postings, you must follow the instructions and answer all the questions below (completion criterion), substantiate your responses accurately (accuracy + substantiation), and be comparative (analysis).  By “substantiate” I mean that you relate your answer to the material you studied.  Give examples and make sure they are accurate examples.  Giving your opinion is not enough.  You must explain your views.

For all discussions in this course that require multiple responses, be sure to label your discussion post with numbers to each of the sections/questions posed:

  1. There are numerous themes that occur in more than one of these origin accounts.  Choose ONE theme and compare and contrast it across ALL 4 different origin accounts. Do NOT choose “creation” as your theme since the origin stories are about creation. (Hint: Recall that we social scientists look for patterns, so find something that is common in at least two and preferably all these stories–not exactly the same but similar. Then describe what is similar [pattern] and what is also different about it [variation] in the accounts.) Evaluates Analysis & Substantiation.
  2. Which account views human nature most negatively and why?  (Hint: are humans depicted as largely evil over good?  How and why?) Evaluates Analysis & Substantiation.
  3. Which account is your favorite and why? Evaluates Analysis & Substantiation

read 4 stories to answer questions: 

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